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Shifting to exclusively gluten-free & vegetarian recipes!

I am alive!

The break was much needed from the blog. As someone who aims for perfection, I can honestly say the whole business was draining me!

But never fear! I plan to keep The Cookie Writer alive and well for as long as I can.

In doing so, I am going to be making some changes. Nothing crazy! My goal is to only share vegetarian and gluten-free recipes. With my husband’s gluten intolerance diagnosis, we have had to change things up here. Kiddo and I will still enjoy gluten when we can, but as for the blog, well, I want to help others who have the same dietary restrictions as my family ūüôā

I will feature different gluten-free recipes here as I have many on the blog due to my mother-in-law’s intolerance. It is always nice to revisit old recipes!

Please feel free to send in any suggestions. While I am back into blogging (somewhat,) this is still a trial run for me. I want to begin including other things onto the blog that are not food related.

You know, trying something different ūüėČ

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